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Silicon Wristbands, Where Did They Come From?

Silicon wristbands, ever heard of them? What are they? They sound so geeky. But no, they’re not computer parts nor are they some fancy gadgets. In fact, they’re fashion accessories.

Wildly popular back in the 80s (thanks to the celebrities that used to wear them), silicon wristbands are fashion items that are made from silicon. They are also known as rubber bracelets which were initially made stringy thin, like the ones used to tie up vegetables in the groceries. They come in so many colors and are worn multiple pieces at a time.

Years later, they re-emerged looking thicker and more versatile. People who are into fashion are not the only ones who can appreciate and enjoy them but working people as well, especially those in advertising or marketing.

Silicon wristbandsThe thicker versions of these wristbands now have space for printing where words and/or messages can be printed on. Some companies have caught on fast and have already started using silicon wristbands to promote awareness for their brands.

Case in point, the basketball players and their wristbands. The ones these players are sporting are not plain colored ones but are printed with whatever brand is sponsoring them. With the game’s huge following, the ad would surely get noticed and hopefully, if worn by a popular basketball star, the product has a big chance of becoming a success.

But aside from boosting sales, these wristbands are also useful in promoting a great cause and in creating awareness. Slogans, shout outs or websites have bigger chances of getting noticed when they are always visible.

Since the use for silicon wristbands has increased, buying them became easier and faster. Souvenir shops that customize giveaways sell them both in their physical stores and online. For big buyers however, there are so many online wholesale sellers that offer customized wristbands at a much lower price.

Just like with other products, prices may vary because of the thickness and size of the band and also because of the style of the prints. There are various sizes available: Extra Small (6.5 inches long), Small (7 inches in diameter), Medium (7.5 inches), Large (8 inches), and Extra Large (8.5 inches). Medium to extra large sizes fit adults best.

As for the thickness, there are 4 types available: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch. But the size that’s widely used is ½-inch thick. The reason for that size’s popularity is simple – it allows for easily readable prints, which is most important in creating an advertisement.

With silicon wristbands, the print style won’t be plain and boring. It can be from the simplest screen printed, ink-filled, simple debossed (prints look carved in) and embossed (protruding). But aside from these styles, one has the option to mix and match at most two styles. Here’s one good example – simple debossed with ink fill. That would be so unique and appealing.

Usually, sellers leave the wristbands’ design to the buyers since these are customizable according to a specific target; but for the lost and the artistically-challenged, these online sellers have their gallery where one can view and copy the design. It’s also an option to use one of those premade designs and tweak it a little so the final design would be unique.

Finally, aside from wristbands, the sellers also offer other silicon-made products such as finger bands, keychain bands and slap wristbands. All of these can be ordered online, meaning there’s no need to waste time driving to a brick-and-mortar store. Also, most sellers don’t enforce a minimum quantity requirement, and they offer free delivery – well, as long as the location is in one address.

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Different Custom Coin Types

custom coin

Because of the sense of dedication and loyalty the military has proven to the people they serve, they are truly worth honoring. For their efforts not to go to waste, higher ranking officers decide on giving out tokens in the form of custom coins. These are regarded as very valuable awards that are only given to those who’ve not only performed well given their line of duty, but also achieved great milestones that deserve commemoration.

With the value that these custom coins have held over the past decades, their use has not been limited only to military organizations. Various companies and institutions have adopted the importance of having their values embodied through these coins. As they have become very popular for such purpose, custom coin companies have provided a wide array of options for their finishes.

One may find most companies offering personalized challenge coins in hard enamel. Such type of finish is most notably done in Chinese tradition for the past centuries. Coin companies usually create this fine-art finish by pouring hard enamel paint resembling powered glass features into die-struck brass recesses. Coins of brass make may be plated nickel, gold, or silver. The quality of the finished product is glossy and smooth. This is because the material used is baked at very high temperatures, after which they sand and polish the resulting product. Metal lines are then flushed to create contrast in between different colors.

custom coin

Custom coins may also be available in soft enamel. This is a preferable choice for many given that it is a less costly variant of the Epola pin. Both share almost the same appearance and options of PMS colors. Having the coins styled this way makes for more durable tokens that can last for a very long time. Its durability can be accounted to the epoxy dome used to add to their shiny finish. Coins of the soft enamel type have soft paint applied to the die struck made of brass. This allows for that relief effect where you can get a good feel of the pattern embedded on die struck. Normally, the color options for the plating include silver, gold, nickel, and black nickel.

Colorless die struck is a typical style that many organizations find appealing. The simplicity that such type of custom coins offer makes a statement that while given as a tangible token of appreciation, it can withstand the test of time. This style of personalized coin gives a classic look without any additional colors. The material used in coin creation may either be steel or brass. The design is then stamped onto the material, after which it is cut out. The base metal may then be plated nickel, silver, and gold. Depending on the client’s preference, the finish may be done using polishing or sandblasting, or with an antique look.

There are also picture insert coins available as an ideal option if the design requires a lot of detail. This is particularly applicable to those that wish to represent their organization through a very significant member they wish to honor or an image of certain scenery. Offset printing is done to present various colors of the design. This is especially true for designs requiring shadow color. The design for such custom coins is printed by laser, after which thin epoxy is applied to provide longer-lasting protection.

The internet has been one of the greatest sources of such coins. Here, you can find a lot of coin companies offering varying styles and additional features that have been favorable to many because of the functionality they add to the coins. When ordering online, be sure that you consider factors like the coin’s shape, size, and the type of metal you want to use.