CCNA – CCNP Instruction – Offset Lists

During your occupation as being a Cisco network engineer you will have to offer comprehending offset lists on which you use to control the CCNA Training In Pune . Offset lists certainly are a great tool for that community engineer to work with to simply include a offset metric to for almost any supplied prefix inbound or out-bound. To generate utilization of an OSL everything a community engineer has got to get it done create and empower an EIGRP OSL which will specify the worth to include on the EIGRP metric, you’ll find a few of rules that you just have to observe when matching prefixes that need to be matched.

To get started on your offset record configuration you’ll want to identify the subsequent:

1. Which prefixes are you presently likely to match, offset lists confer with obtain command lists. The accessibility management lists are used to match the prefixes.

two. On just about every router that you’d like to alter the EIGRP metric on you’ll have to find out in case the metric would be to be transformed inbound or outbound, this it is possible to identify dependent around the course the route is getting learnt. If your prefix is remaining advertised out then the offset checklist will need to become set within an “out” route, in the event the prefix is becoming marketed to the router the offset listing will require for being established to your “in” route.

three. The offset checklist ought to be configured to specify the interface on which the prefix is being either sent or gained.

4. Set the integer metric that you would like added on the EIGRP FD as well as Advertisement with the prefix

When you needed to include the integer benefit of one thousand for the prefix of likely outside of a router on say serial 1/1 do the subsequent:

one. Produce the accessibility command checklist

Access-list one allow

2. Visit the EIGRP routing course of action to the router and enter the subsequent command, the very first amount you see “1” refers to the access-control record shown in stage one, the “out” specifies the direction. The “1000” decides the worth to raise the EIGRP metric by and at last the “serial 1/1” configures the offset checklist to apply the metric raise when this prefix is getting advertised during the outbound course.

Router EIGRP one

Offset-list 1 in one thousand serial1/1

You could potentially use an extended access-control list, in case you do use an prolonged ACL you should use the place handle discipline to match the prefix duration, as an example if we wished to match we could compose the ACL as:

Access-list 100 allow ip host 20.twenty.20.0 host

The above extended ACL would match the prefix of twenty.twenty.twenty.0/24 exactly.

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